Note images of War Graves will be under the individual, if available.

1914 - Ulster - The Road to War

1917 - Metz-en-Couture

1917 - The Battle of Messines

1917 - The Battle of Cambrai

1918 - Essigny

1939 - BEF - France

1941 - HMS Curacoa

1942 - US Navy in Londonderry Port




This website will be complimenting up and coming book releases. The books will tell the stories of all the service personnel buried in the region of Ulster in the north of Ireland. Volume one, will be the City Cemetery in Londonderry.

Previously the site was used as a research platform for the books, but as it now nears completion, this information was removed. I will though still be updating, adding photographs and other miscellaneous items.

Checkout updates about the book, and release dates.

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